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Standards-based valves
Series: BE/BE12
ISO 5599/1 Valves
- Full range: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 size
- Commutation system mixed and spool
- High capacity
- Short internal stroke
- No lubrication
- Modular base
- Possibility of mounting different sizes on the same sub-base 
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Series: AE
Light series valves for ISO 5599/1 sub-base mounting
- Technopolymer valve body with metall cover
- ISO 5599/1 sub-base mounting
- The mixed internal system (poppet-spool)
- High flow rate
- Fast commutation
- Functioning without lubrication 
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Series: BD
ISO 15407-1/2 Valves
BDE = solenoid valves ISO 15407/2 with integrated electric connection including 24 V DC coils and connector
BDB = solenoid valves ISO 15407/1 with external electric connection with M12 connector including 24 V DC coils and connector
BDA = valves and solenoid valves ISO 15407/1 
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Series: AC-N
NAMUR valve
- Mixed commutation system (spool-poppet)
- High flow rate
- Quick response time
- High cycle rates
- Control pneumatic and electric
- Suitable for rotating pneumatic actuators and for the distribution of fluids
- NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845 interface 
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