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Complementary valves
Series : YR
Pneumatic actuators with brass ball valves
- Full bore ball valve
- Anti blow out stem
- Top-flange according to DIN-ISO 5211
- Direct mounting 
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Series : AP
Binary Couter (Flip Flop)
- with electrical control
- With pneumatic control 
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Series : AM-50
M5 ÷ G1 flow regulators
Flow–control valves are used mainly where there is a need to regulate piston speed in double or single acting pneumatic cylinders. 
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Series : AM-51
Signal processing valves G1/8 - tube Ø 4
These valves suitable for power or control circuits allow to obtain an output signal provided there are both input signals (AND valve) or one of the two (OR valve). The two versions, threaded connections G1/8 or quick couplings Ø 4x2, solve all application needs. 
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Series : AM-52
G1/8 ÷ G1 gradual starters
The gradual starter (patented) is used in pneumatic circuits where a cut-off in pressure, an abrupt start-up is to be avoided to prevent possible damages to equipment. 
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Series : AM-53
G1/8 ÷ G1 economizer
The economizer is generally used in those pneumatic equipments which require energy saving. The economizer with G 1/8 to G 1 connections functions as a pressure reducer, in one direction, with 1 to 5 bar regulation, and has free return on the opposite direction. 
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Series : AM-54
G1/2 ÷ G1 check and selection valves
Check valves are devices that let compressed air flow in just one direction. 
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Series : AM-55
Blocking valves
Unidirectional blocking valves are safety devices which can block the cylinder rod when, accidentally, the pressure fails. Bidirectional blocking valves are used to block the cylinder rod when the bistable 5/2 valve that controls it has deenergized pilots. In this case the 5/3 function is obtained. 
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Series : AM-5200
Pneumoelectric transducer
The pneumoelectric transducer is used to convert a pneumatic signal into an ON-OFF electric signal. An example of its application is the piloting of a solenoid valve or other electrical device when there is a pressure at a point in the system (the pressure can be of any value provided it falls between the minimum and maximum operating values). 
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Series : AM-5220
Calibrated pressure switch
The device is used when there is need of an ON-OFF electric signal at a pre-determined pressure in a plant (example: an electric reply to a solenoid valve). The above-mentioned pressure value can be calibrated between 1 and 8 bar by means of an adjusting screw. 
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Series : HZ9N
Digital pressure switch
Port G1/8 - M5
Available adaptor for panel mounting, protection cover and supports 
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Series : HZ9N12
Adjustable diaphragm pressure switch
Port R1/8
Available protection cap, protection connectors 
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Series : YF
G1/8 ÷ G1 Fluid Valves
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Series : YG-6300
Positioning Device for Pneumatic Cylinders
Embodied pace regulators. 
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