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Guided Cylinders
Series: J1
Slide units for M, KE/K, KD series cylinders
- Protruding shafts
- Fully protected cylinder
- Central mounting, semi-external cylinder
- Central mounting, fully protected cylinder
- Moving carriage 
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Series: J3
Slide units for rodless cylinders S1 series
- Fully protected cylinder (2 bearings - standard carriage)
- Fully protected cylinder (2 bearings - long carriage) 
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Series: J5
Slide units for short-stroke cylinders W series
- Protruding shafts (1 bearing)
- Protruding shafts (2 bearings)
- Fully protected cylinder (1 bearing)
- Fully protected cylinder (2 bearings)
- Fully protected cylinder (2 bearings + 2 plates) 
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Series: J64RS
Slide units for compact cylinders RS series
- Fully protected
- Fully protected with through opening
- Fully protected with through opening, two plates
- Fully protected, two plates 
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Series: J64RT2
Slide units for telescopic cylinders RT2 series
Slide unit for fully protected telescopic cylinder with scraper bearings. 
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Series: J65
Slide units for compact cylinders RP series Ø 25 mm
Fully protected cylinder with through opening to place magnetic sensor. 
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Series: JL
Guided compact cylinders Ø 12 ÷ 63 mm
The guided compact cylinders JL series are studied for applications which need reduced dimensions and in case anti-rotation has to be guaranteed. 
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