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Product history
1970 UNIVER 1970 UNIVER 1970
1971Foundation of UNIVER company
1973Poppet valves for compressed air and vacuum
1980 UNIVER 1980 UNIVER 1980
1980Valves according to ISO 5599 (Industry Award)
1982UNIVERSAL series valves
1986Cylinders and mounting elements according to ISO 6431
(fi rst cylinders on the market with extruded aluminium profile)
1988Cylinders with antirotation piston and octagonal tube
Electrically actuated microvalves
Rodless cylinders (patented)
1989Rotating cylinders (patented)
Short-stroke cylinders
1990 UNIVER 1990
199110 mm nanovalve
G6 - G7 - G8 series valves
1992Slide units in extruded aluminium profi le
1993Cybrain programmable actuators (patented)
1997Telescopic cylinders (patented)
1998Locking units (patented)
1999Compact cylinders with adjustable cushioning standard (patented)
2000 UNIVER 2000
2000Combobox valves
2001Pneumatic power clamps and retractable locating pin units
2002Oval cylinders
2003Electric cylinders (patented)
Electric power pivots
Electric power clamps and retractable locating pin units
2004Valves according to ISO 15407/VDMA 24563
Serial communication control blocks
Pneumatic grippers
2005Pneumatic power pivots
200610 mm nanovalve 2nd generation
2007COMPACT 10/15 mm valves
2008TC serial communication control system
2009JL Guided compact cylinders
2010 UNIVER 2010
2010Cylinders according to ISO 15552 KL series
2011Compact cylinders Ø 80 – 100 according to ISO 21287
Series HZE Air treatment system
ISO 15552 Pneumatic cylinders
201210 mm Nanovalves bistable
Marking unit
201315 mm COMPACT Valves P15E series
Modular Tooling System GR8 series
2014Short stroke cylinders- New design of the profile
Valves with panel operation
Pneumatic Gripper
2017ESSENTIAL valves
P22 22 mm COMPACT valves
2018TC-E Modular Control System
2019IO-Link module
BLUECLAMP Pneumatic power clamp