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Pneumatic Automation
Pneumatic cylinders according to
ISO 15552
Pneumatic cylinders according to<br>ISO 15552
- New design of the profile for easier cleaning
- Grooves for recessed sensors and connections on one side for easy installation
- Traditional UNIVER technology to ensure strength and reliability
- Dimensions complying with international standards for a full interchangeability
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Short stroke cylinder- Tube NEW DESIGN
Short stroke cylinder- Tube NEW DESIGN
Cylinder body mass reduction (from 5% up to 15%)
Same resistance as traditional profile
The magnetic sensor (DF series) does not stick out of the tube profile
- Prevention of sensor damage
- Risk reduction of accidental contact
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Additional components
size 0
Additional components<br>size 0
HZE0Y Gradual starter
HZE0N Diverter block
HZE0P Lockable valve
HZE0S Shut-off valve
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Shock absorbers
Shock absorbers
YDA series self-compensating and YDR series progressive adjustable shock absorbers are used to provide a linear deceleration and to let the impacting object stop smoothly. Lock nuts 2 pieces and impact cap is standard equipment (upon request without cap).
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